Who's The Daddy?

  • Whether you’re actively seeking a Fame Daddy or just curious, try our specially formulated quiz and find your perfect match.

  • 1. You’d most like your Fame Daddy to have the complexion of...

    Chris Evans

    Vernon Kay

    Peter Andre

    Lewis Hamilton

    Usain Bolt

  • 2. You’d like your Fame Daddy to be as tall as...


    Tom Cruise

    Orlando Bloom

    Robert Pattinson

    Prince William

  • 3. Which quality do you value most highly?

    Unaffected charm

    Natural rhythm

    Being a strong orator

    Confidence in front of cameras

    Sporting prowess

  • 4. Where would you most like to see your child excel?

    Wembley Stadium

    The O2 Arena

    The Academy Awards


    In the Court Circular

  • 5. Which achievement do you value most highly?

    Order of the Garter

    Olympic Gold medal

    Platinum selling record

    National Television Award

    Hollywood Walk of Fame star

  • 6. How would you most like your child to speak?

    Articulate like Benedict Cumberbatch

    Street rhymes like Dizzee Rascal

    The Estuary English of Mark Wright

    Sound as a pound, like Stevie Gerrard

    Vowels as round as the Duke of Cambridge

  • 7. You’d most like your Fame Daddy to...

    Dive like Tom Daley

    Work it like Will Smith

    Lord it like Seb Coe

    Party like Charlie Sheen

    Entertain like Elton

  • 8. On what TV channel would your child aspire to appear?



    Sky Sports



  • 9. Where would you most like to see your child’s first press coverage?

    Vanity Fair


    Rolling Stone

    Daily Mail Online

    Back page of the tabloids

  • 10. Your child’s style would be...

    British heritage designer brands

    High-street recessionista

    Street cool, American sportswear

    Red Carpet, haute couture

    The first team’s home and away kit

  • 11. Which celebrity brand would you most like your child to model for?

    Katie Price Equestrian

    Lethal Bizzle’s Dench

    Victoria’s Secrets

    Tom Ford

    Stella McCartney for Team GB

  • 12. Once famous your child will strive to...

    Eradicate global poverty

    Start their own clothing line

    Outdo the Kardashians

    Appear as a guest character in The Simpsons

    Set a track and field world record

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    Your dream Fame Daddy is...

    Disclaimer: None of the celebrities named in this quiz are in any way connected with the Fame Daddy service. Nor is there any suggestion they have or would be participants in a sperm donor business. These results are purely a suggestion of who your ideal donor would be, based on your responses to the quiz.

    Michael Owen
    Michael Owen
    Occupation: Ex-International Footballer
    Height: 1.7m
    Strengths: Speed, agility, very clean clothes
    Accolades: 89 England caps, 323 career goals
    Interests: Helicopters, horse racing
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Finding your dream donor

Faced with a world of celebrity, how would you know which one to choose to be the father of your child? Choosing the right Fame Daddy is a big decision, so you want to make sure the donor you choose is a good fit.

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yourself and decide: which Fame Daddy is right for me. Take
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