Sample Profiles

  • Footballer


    Occupation: Ex-Footballer
    Where: Premiership
    Age: 25 - 30
    Net worth: Over £10m
  • Aristocrat


    Occupation: Aristocrat
    Where: House of Lords
    Age: Over 50
    Net worth: £5-10m
  • Entrepeneur


    Occupation: Entrepreneur
    Where: Tech City Startup
    Age: 25 - 30
    Net worth: Over £10m
  • Athlete


    Occupation: Athlete
    Where: Olympic Gold Medalist
    Age: 30 - 35
    Net worth: £4.5m
  • Driver

    Racing Driver

    Occupation: Racing Driver
    Where: Formula 1
    Age: 25 - 30
    Net worth: £15m
  • Actor


    Occupation: Actor
    Where: Oscar Winner
    Age: 25 - 30
    Net worth: Over £10m
  • Rock Star

    Rock Star

    Occupation: Rock Star
    Where: Multi-platinum band
    Age: 30 - 35
    Net worth: £40m
  • Genius


    Occupation: Genius
    Where: Tech industry
    Age: 20 - 25
    Net worth: £1-5m
  • Scientist


    Occupation: Scientist
    Where: Particle Physicist
    Age: 45
    Net worth: Less than £1m
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